With 47,500 farms and ranches spread over 9.7 million acres, Florida has a reputation of producing a wide variety of fresh and tasty food. From plentiful fruit groves to vegetable crops, seafood and cattle, these farms, abundant waters and ranches provide Florida with bountiful opportunity to eat good and do good.

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Fresh From Florida is all about supporting local farmers, helping to create jobs in our communities and of course, making sure you can share with your guests all the fresh flavors Florida has to offer.

  • Did you know? The best test for a great tomato is the aroma. If you smell a strong, sweet-acidic fragrance at the stem end, it's ready to eat.
  • Did you know? Every part of a watermelon can be eaten, including the seeds and the rind.
  • Did you know? Grapefruits got their name because they grow in grape-like clusters.
  • Did you know? Don’t wash your strawberries until you’re ready to eat them. Water speeds up the spoiling process.
  • Did you know? Florida is the top squash producing state in the country.

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"Fresh From Florida" produce, meat and seafood is available through many sources including local farmers and your food source distributor.

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“Fresh From Florida” promotional display materials are available free of charge to members of the “Fresh From Florida” program. These display materials can only be used by “Fresh From Florida” members to promote Florida products.

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Our Chef

Justin Timineri is our award winning chef behind all these delicious "Fresh From Florida" recipes. As a Florida native, he has honed his craft by experiencing many culinary cultures.

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Florida Growers

Meet some farmers who are already benefitting from the "Fresh From Florida" program and see their story.

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