Seminole BBQ Shrimp Spears

servings 4


1 pound large or medium Florida shrimp, peeled and deveined  

1 (14-ounce) package Florida guava paste 

12 ounces Florida guava nectar 

1/4 cup Florida honey 

1 onion, diced 

1 tablespoon ancho chili powder 

1 tablespoon cumin 

1 tablespoon garlic powder 

2 tablespoons black pepper 

3 cups ketchup 

2 tablespoons soy sauce 

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 

2 tablespoons all-purpose seasoning, divided

Fresh herbs for garnish (such as parsley, cilantro, or thyme), finely chopped 

Sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste 

Cooking oil spray 

8 bamboo skewers (soaked in water for 1 hour) or metal skewers 


In a medium sauce pot, combine all ingredients except for the shrimp and 1 tablespoon all-purpose seasoning. Cook over low-medium heat until the guava paste is dissolved, about 30 minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed. Remove guava BBQ sauce from heat and set aside. 

Make skewers by adding an even number of shrimp to each skewer. Lightly season the completed skewers with the 1 tablespoon of unused all-purpose seasoning. Preheat the grill or a large saute pan to medium-high heat. Lightly spray the skewers with cooking oil spray. Carefully add the shrimp skewers to the grill or saute pan and cook until the shrimp are just done, about 2 minutes on each side. Glaze the cooked shrimp with the guava BBQ sauce. Remove from heat and serve warm with extra guava BBQ on the side.  

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Seminole BBQ Shrimp Spears

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